When to Call the Roof Repair Guy?

Good Roof Maintenance: Basic Tips for Homeowners

There are some home projects people enjoy completing, such as a beautiful kitchen renovation or planting a new garden. One task that is unfortunately less exciting but even more important to the maintenance of your home is roof repair. Your roof requires extra attention, because if you neglect it you can have higher than normal energy costs and weather damage to pay for in addition to the simple costs of fixing a damaged roof.

Roof maintenance

If you want to keep your roof in good condition for years to come, there are four maintenance tips you must be aware of.

  1. Know when to call a professional. Homeowners should perform a visual inspection of their roof several times throughout the year. Call a roof repair professional if you spot streaks and stains on your shingles, curled and buckled shingles, areas that are missing granules, or any rust on the flashings. Water stains and mold in your attic or moss on your roof can also be indications of a roof problem. Even without these symptoms, it could be time to get a new roof if you notice higher energy bills, moisture or mold under the rafters, or water leaking in after extreme weather.
  2. Maintenance is vital. Once per year, clean out the cobwebs, dust, and debris from your exhaust and ventilation system. Then, place a bead of high-grade sealant around any pipes and vents. Paint exposed metal so it doesn’t rust. Also, regularly remove debris such as leaves from your gutters so they aren’t overflowing and damaging your roof.
  3. The right choice in materials can make all the difference. Some companies report that roofs shingled with asphalt last about twenty years. Some roofers say that a well-installed asphalt roof can pretty much last a lifetime.
  4. Other people do notice your roof. New roofing material can enhance the curb appeal of your home. That’s not really surprising when you consider that when looking at a home from the road, 40% of the view is taken up by the roof. Realtor magazine says that homeowners planning on selling can expect to recoup more than half of the expense of a new roof in their selling price.

Proper roof maintenance keeps your home safe and attractive. Knowing when to call a professional, keeping up with basic care, using the right materials in the first place, and paying attention to how it looks will all act in favor of a good roof.

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