10 Roofing Tips and Guide

Below Are The 10 Tips and Guide for Fixing a Leaking Roof –

Think Safety First

Whenever there is a roof leak, do not attempt to get the leak fixed immediately. Trying to do that while it is still raining or when the roof is covered with snow and ice is definitely not a great way to solve the leaking problem. It is highly dangerous if you attempt to fix that temporary leak as it could put you in the hospital. There is no quick-fix when it comes to fixing a leaking roof. Take your time and wait until the weather is clear and dry. Otherwise contact your local professional to get the job done safely and effectively.

Roof Repairing

Take Precautions

Taking precautions when repairing the roof is the most important priority. Usually our body will not be in a comfortable or good position when repairing a roof. As such, ensure that you are wearing a non-slip shoes with rubber sole to prevent falling. Working alone is not advisable and always find a buddy to work with. Using a safety harness is high recommended.

Spray the Roof

To find a leak, just use your garden host to spray at the roof at different angles and locations. However, during wintertime, do not do it when it is freezing out there as it is not safe to run water on the roof.

Keep Gutters Clean

Clogged gutters are usually the main culprits that causes roof leaks. This is one common area that you should focus on first because gutters that are clogged and have not been cleaned tend to accumulate water during raining.

Prevent Ice Buildup

During wintertime, ice can be frequently found under the roof membrane, gutters as well as shingles. When the ice eventually builds up and reaches the wall line, it will cause an interior drip due to the heat from the higher temperature in the house because of the heater. So this is also another area to check for roof leaks.

Avoid Dry Rot

The problem with dry rot is actually not related to any water damages but rather the lack of ventilation. Whenever you discover a leak in the middle of your roof, it is highly possible that the plywood might have deteriorated. And because of that, the roof will tend to sag, which in turn causes the roof shingles to become brittle and crack, resulting in a leak. To overcome this issue of dry rot, install a ridge vent. However, you will have to ensure that there is a soffit vent in order for holes to be drilled through for cool air to flow from the bottom and pushes the warmer air out at the top.

Fix Roof Boots

There are many areas that could cause a roof leak like the flashing, ice damping, roofing, or skylights. But however, one area that is often overlooked is the rubber boots. This rubber boots can be found at the roof fence. They will cause a bad major leak if they dried up. For a quick fix, just purchase a new roof boot from your local hardware store. To fix it, you may have to remove some shingles, then lay some tar beneath it before putting it back.

Inspect Materials

Another common fault with roof leaks are installation of shingles not done properly. When these shingles are not nailed down properly, they tend to crack and cause leaks. The nails could have been nailed too low resulting in it pushing back up. Always check your merchandise before even getting on the roof.

Check Valleys

When two roofs are joined together, it is known as a valley. It is also known as the ridge, the parts at the top where the two roofs meet. Due to the position of the valleys where the entire roof’s water goes gushing down, it is a common place to check for leaks too.

Eliminate Leaks

Do not get despair if you could not find the root cause of the leak initially. You will need to slowly cover one area after another using the elimination process. Check an area, reinstall the shingles and ensure that it is watertight, and move on to the next section until you find the leaks eventually.

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